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Custom Craft Ad 2 (1980)
Frances Robinson returns in this ad.
A Cling Free Ad From 1981 (1980)
"You're never too old to learn"...
Jennifer Beals For Perky Jean Cosmetics (1980)
This Japanese ad was originally posted to YouTube by callfromthepast3.
Downy Dryer Sheets (1980)
This ad seems like a prototype for "Look Who's Talking".
Nissan Ad 2 (1980)
This ad from the "Major Motion" campaign promotes their Standard.
Texaco Ad 6 (1990)
This ad briefly talks about saving money on gas.
WWF's "Over The Edge" (1990)
This promo for this infamous pay-per-view was originally posted to YouTube by IdestroyallV2.
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