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2 More MTV I.Ds (1980)
One of them is stock footage of factories and cities in action and the other is dizzying.
"KERO-TV Focus" (1980)
KERO was a channel in California.
Smith Corona's Word Eraser Correction (1980)
Another step on the way to typing on computers...
John Waite For Sparkomatic (1980)
The singer performs "Missing You" in this ad for the car stereo system.
Hollywood Federal Savings (1980)
This was a bank chain in Florida. It's accompanied by a quick weather promo for the channel this was being broadcasted on.
"The Monkees' Greatest Hits" (1980)
Are you interested?
Sherlock On The Ad Channel (1990)
This was an ad for a job listing segment on a channel in Atlanta, Georgia.
Quote O' Matic
  • Chazz: We got to send one person out.
    Pip: I'll go.
    Rex: One of the hostages, doof.
  • Airheads
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