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A Quick Chemical Bank Ad (1980)
This ad with a lift is followed by a brief promo for a WCBS program called "I Can".
A Litton Microwaves Ad (1980)
The V is apparently silent in the name Svaluto.
The Go-Gos' "Talk Show" (1980)
This is a commercial for the release of this album.
Subaru Ad 1 (1980)
Life isn't consistent...
Secret Unscented Perfume (1980)
Another one of those 80s women I love so much talks about how she uses the product.
Amazon Ad 1 (1990)
This ad from when the website was only devoted to books features a woman named Nancy Raff and a man named Donald Kennedy, who is identified as the Pre
A Control Ad From 1983 (1980)
A woman named Karen Onderdonk talks about how this weight loss medicine helped her.
Quote O' Matic
  • Clarence: Listen to me, you fool. There's another guy. He is in charge of OCP. It's Dick Jones!!! Don't you get it? I work for Dick Jones!!! Dick Jones!!!!
  • RoboCop