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Accurist Watches (1990)
This overseas watch ad, originally posted to YouTube by Ellecktrika1, features Kylie Minogue performing "Give Me Just A Little More Time" while a woma
New York Lotto - 2 Games for just a buck. (1980)
This is a musical "Play Lotto" ad from the early 1980's. Courtesy of YouTube's 'rrunner81sg'.
Sidney & Jeffrey Swartz For American Express (1990)
These 2 were in charge of outdoor company Timberland back in the 90s.
ACCES (1990)
This is a commercial for the Atlantic Cable Community Education Scholarship.
Quote O' Matic
  • Dexter: Get away from me, do you understand? I'm not here to be your candy apple dog-boy holder!
    Chicken: Eh, relax.
    (from the 2001 CCF Halloween Party)
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