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ABC Promo-"The Debate For Urban America" (1990)
This promo came in the midst of the 1992 election season.
ABC Promo-"IRA Reports" and "Caribbean Escape" (1980)
This is a solo promo for these 2 programs.
ABC Promo-Local Programming (1980)
From Los Angeles, this promotes the show "Eye On L.A", as well as the specials "I.R.A Accounts" and "Caribbean Escape" and a Woodstock-related program
Pepsi (Baseball Paralells) (1980)
I don't know if this ad is already on the site.
"Time Out Theatre" On USA (1980)
This ad was for a series that showcased various sports featurettes.
Federal Express Is Going To Europe (1980)
This ad features John Moschitta and many others to promote the company going international.
Quote O' Matic
  • Julie: Coach says I'm the starter.
  • Goldberg: Coach? I don't see any coach.
  • Julie: We'll split the shifts, I wanna piece of these guys.
  • D3: The Mighty Ducks