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A Norwegian Caribbean Lines Ad (1980)
An unusual combination of climates...
Pepsi-Mr. O'Neal Goes To Hollywood (1990)
Shaquille O'Neal, Rob Reiner, Dennis Miller and veteran Pepsi spokesman Michael J. Fox all appear in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by alyks704
Mansfield School's Paralegal Careers (1980)
This was a program in Texas.
Raging Waters - 1991 (1990)
This ad aired throughout the summer of 1991, and also promoted a tie-in with a local radio station. I'm not sure if the station is still on the air to
Quote O' Matic
  • Liza Minnelli: Come on, baby! Momma's gotta sparkle! It's time to make a life of Cabaret!
  • Blue M&M: Lady, for God's sake, I'm just a hard-shelled chocolate candy. Get help!
  • Family Guy