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World Heroes 2 Jet for NeoGeo (1990)
Japanese Commercial
"That Someone Is You" (1980)
This is one of those ready-made personalized items that were all the rage in the last century.
Choc-Wedge (1980)
This is an ad for an Australian ice cream treat that's enjoyed by some colorfully attired youth in the best place to eat ice cream. The ladies look es
"The Selling Of Macintosh" (1980)
This ad profiles the famed "1984" Macintosh ad. An interview with Ridley Scott is featured alongside making-of footage. Sorry about the bad audio and
A Xerox Ad From 1988 (1980)
To be specific, an ad revolving around the 1988 Winter Olympics. I'm not up on sports of any decade, so I don't know if the skater in this ad is an ac
Quote O' Matic
  • Ultra Magnus: (straining) Open, dammit, open. Prime you said the matrix would light our darkest hour.
  • Transformers: The Movie
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