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1982 Pioneer Electronics Ad 2 (1980)
This ad with a lot of quiet came from the "Because The Music Matters" campaign.
A 1982 Jontue Ad (1980)
This ad promotes a tie-in with the Color Dynasty III Make-Up Collection.
A Vivitar Ad (1980)
This ad promotes their PS:35 Camera.
ChapStick Ad 2 (1980)
This is a shorter version of the first ad...Unfortunately, just like the first one, I had trouble editing it properly, so it's clipped at the end.
"Celebrate America" (1980)
Many years ago, syndicated stations would air specials like this around the holiday season. Now they air things like 3-hour marathons of "Everybody Lo
3 More Megaphone Company Ads (1980)
In order, they promote the Santa Hotline, the Rock Hotline and Teen Troubles.
AT&T-You Get What You Pay For (1980)
Vincent Pastore makes an early appearance in this ad, which is unfortunately clipped at the end.
A 1989 Brut Ad (1980)
This ad was posted several years ago (possibly by me)...Here it is in better quality.
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