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John Waite For Sparkomatic (1980)
The singer performs "Missing You" in this ad for the car stereo system.
Ultra Brite Ad 1 (1980)
This ad takes place in a doctor's office.
The Kodak Disc Camera (1980)
When you're young, you aren't aware of your mistakes...When you're older, though? Yikes!
A World Of Sound Ad (1980)
It's "where you can believe your eyes and ears".
Purina Ad 2 (1980)
This ad promotes their Dog Chow.
Ortho Ad 2 (1980)
The price is good when it comes to this stuff...
Smith Corona's Word Eraser Correction (1980)
Another step on the way to typing on computers...
H&R Block Ad 1 (1980)
This ad talks about their accountants and how they help people.
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