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A Nice 'n Easy Ad From 1978 (1970)
This ad features a woman on a camping trip.
A 1983 Holly Farms Ad (1980)
"If you want a fresher chicken, you'll have to grow your own...". This ad is followed by a brief promo for "Lie Detector" and a bumper for "M*A*S*H".
A&E Promo 4 (1990)
This ad promotes the sports documentary "More Than A Game".
A Trio Of Milwaukee Ads (1990)
This video combines a brief Marshall Fields' ad, a Green Bay Packers promo and a WITI news sting.
1993 CBS Promos 5 (1990)
This ad promotes the shows "It Had To Be You" and "Dave's World".
WWF's "Fully Loaded" (1990)
This 1999 pay-per-view promo was originally posted to YouTube by IdestroyallV2.
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