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KAIT 8 News on the Road (1990)
This station is local to my area.
An Australian Jenny Craig Ad (1980)
In this ad, originally posted to YouTube by tramman82, the creator talks about her diet program in Australia. You know, I had no idea that there was a
John Forsythe For United Airlines (1980)
In this Australian ad, originally posted to YouTube by tramman82, the "Dynasty" star talks about what he likes about the airline.
An Oxy Ad (1980)
In this Australian ad, the product helps out several party girls.
Colgate Tartar Control (1980)
Colgate vs. Crest
AAA Insurance (1980)
When Dorothy hits Munchkin land, an insurance salesman comes along to help her.
Quote O' Matic
  • George Jefferson: She's what you call, a domestic.
    Louise Jefferson: You make it sound like a disease!

    George Jefferson: If I paid you to think, you could cash your check at the penny arcade.
    Florence Johnston: Where do you think I cash it now?

    Louise Jefferson: Lionel, you'd better...
  • The Jeffersons