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An American Airlines Ad (1980)
Good work is rewarded...
Charles Schwab (Plastic Surgeon) (1990)
As if the process wasn't scary enough already...
Merrill Lynch Ad 1 (1990)
Spend wisely...
A Quick Chemical Bank Ad (1980)
This ad with a lift is followed by a brief promo for a WCBS program called "I Can".
The AT&T Buy And Fly Offer (1980)
This ad promoted a tie-in deal with United Airlines where you could get miles if you bought certain AT&T phones.
MTV I.D (In Stereo 24 hours) (1980)
Some of the clips in this ad come from videos that were uploaded during the time we had a music video section.
L'Oreal Ad 2 (1980)
This ad promoting their Preference product features Meredith Baxter. She recently came out of the closet...Needless to say, this ad is outdated.
Kodak Max (1990)
A vacation is what you make it...
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