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MCI Ad 3 (1990)
This ad promoting the MCI One plan features a mother coming to rescue her sick kid.
"The Tonight Show" Intermission 5 (1980)
This bumper features a drawing of a fireman.
MTV I.D (We Have MTV) (1980)
Well, we did for a couple of years at any rate.
Scripto Pens (1980)
Lots of O sounds...
MTV I.D (Inventions) (1980)
This is one of the long I.Ds they would air in between videos.
Subaru Ad 1 (1980)
Life isn't consistent...
Eagle Development Company (1980)
This was a company related to housing.
Band-Aid Medicated (1980)
This video game-themed ad proves that "infection doesn't stand a fighting chance".
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