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IBM Ad 6 (1980)
This ad comes from their Charlie Chaplin campaign.
Patti LaBelle's "Winner In You" At K-Mart (1980)
This is another ad from their "Music Place" campaign.
John Waite For Sparkomatic (1980)
The singer performs "Missing You" in this ad for the car stereo system.
"California Journal" (1980)
This was a magazine devoted to California politics.
Metro-Cross (Japan) (1980)
Here's the 15-second commercial of Metro-Cross on NES. Enjoy!
The Super Bowl XX Program (1980)
I wonder how much this would fetch now.
Ortho Ad 3 (1980)
267 dollars for a 10 piece set...Pretty good price.
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  • Darkwing Duck: (As a cowboy fighting a cowboy version of Megavolt) Give up! You are surrounded by an army of 12 thousand soldiers. (turns to camera)its an old military ploy we call lying.
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