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2 More Perky Jean Ads With Jennifer Beals (1980)
Posted to YouTube by eltopopcult, these 2 Japanese cosmetics ads features Beals. The first one has her attired in a tuxedo and taking off her gloves,
"Birdy" Theatrical Trailer (1980)
This is the theatrical trailer for this 1984 drama starring Nicolas Cage and Matthew Modine.
Another Charlie Commercial (1980)
In this Charlie Perfume commercial, originally posted to YouTube by tboy24, a good-looking woman frolics in the midst of a very colorful party.
RCA Video Disc Player Pub (1981) (1980)
Appeared in July 1981.
Quote O' Matic
  • Brave Heart Lion: That's not very funny, Playful Heart.
    Playful Heart Monkey: You're right. It's hilarious!
  • The Care Bears