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Choc-Wedge (1980)
This is an ad for an Australian ice cream treat that's enjoyed by some colorfully attired youth in the best place to eat ice cream. The ladies look es
Colgate Tartar Control (1980)
Colgate vs. Crest
MTV ID - We've Got The Stars (1980)
This classic 1981 MTV promo feature videos from Pat Benatar,Kim Carnes,Carly Simon,Blondie,The Go-Go's,Heart,Stevie Nicks,Karla DeVito,David Bowie,Hal
Another Sea Breeze Ad (1980)
I think that this lady's blonde hair contasts well with her blue and white clothing. I can definitely see why she's turning heads.
Two "Wings" Stars Talk About Teachers (1990)
In this NBC "The More You Know" PSA, Crystal Bernard and Steven Weber talk about the importance of teachers...Well, actually, Weber talks about their
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  • Rudy: Mary, Mary quite contrary. What makes your garden grow?
  • Rudy