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Holland America Line (1988) (1980)
Shown in a commercial break from Newscenter 8 at 6:00 on WJW TV8 in Cleveland.
Rhode Island Tourism (1990)
"America's first resort"...
Fotomat (1980)
Susan Anton For Camellia (1980)
This Japanese ad was originally posted to YouTube by honeykisaragi2010.
Jaclyn Smith For Epris (1980)
I may have posted this ad a long while back...I'm not quite sure, but here it is again.
Braun Handblender (1996) (1990)
Shown in a commercial break from Days of Our Lives on WKYC Channel 3 in Cleveland.
"World News Tonight" And Ponderosa (1980)
The "World News Tonight" promo was too short to separate from the Ponderosa ad, so here they are back-to-back.
Glad Sheer Strength Liners (1980)
Both Tom Bosley and an exasperated husband's wife say that this type of bag "didn't break".
Quote O' Matic
  • Harry Sr.: You can forget the milk, honey. He's into gin and tonics.
    -Harry Sr.
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