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A 1989 Playboy Magazine Ad (1980)
This article was originally posted to YouTube by patbrokeloose. Nobody has ever really read this for the articles, have they? I think it cuts off at t
Lovestars (1980)
This was a singles line that involved astrology.
Still Another True Value Ad (1980)
This is another ad promoting assorted outdoors items.
A 1988 Epcot Center Ad (1980)
My, how the park has changed...
Morton Downey Jr. Live (1980)
This ad promotes a live performance by the infamous talk show host.
Brooke Shields For Lux (1980)
This rather meta Japanese commercial was originally posted to YouTube by nv850hd.
A 1980 General Electric Ad (1980)
This ad came from the "We Bring Good Things To Life" campaign.
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