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A Little Debbie Ad With Rich Little (1980)
The famed impressionist (and highly criticized guest at the 2007 White House Press Correspondents' Dinner) advertises these snacks while doing some ra
Sheila E. For National Electronics (1980)
Originally posted to YouTube by callfromthepast3, this ad features the singer slowing down while high up.
Starlog Magazine (1980)
This ad was originally posted to YouTube by markpo. There are some audio drop-outs, though.
Alex Karras For TV Guide (1980)
In this ad, originally posted to YouTube by peetoons, the athlete-actor talks about how to subscribe to the magazine.
Diet Pepsi-The Right One? (1990)
In this ad, originally posted to YouTube by macrosunshine, several people audition to take over for Ray Charles, among them Charo, Jerry Lewis and Tin
P.C. Richard & Son's 69th Birthday sale (1970)
P.C. Richard & Son, the now Appliance, Electronics, and Computers Giant, celebrates it's 69th birthday. Richard's is now almost 100 years-old.
A Telecom Australia Ad (1980)
This ad, originally posted to YouTube by GrubcoTV, has some interesting dialogue.
Swatch (Working Out) (1980)
The ladies in this ad look particularly hot...
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  • Yakko: I think I have a punishment for you thats fair just and clever. Or maybe just fairly clever.
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