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GWAR - Metal Head Video Interview (1980)
Ripped by huntermc on YouTube.
Bell Telephone (Fortune Teller) (1980)
It always runs in the family, huh?
David Copperfield For Kodak (1980)
This ad comes from the early 80s, as you can tell from how young he looks.
An Extended Lazer Tag Ad (1980)
This one brings out the competitive edge a little more.
Rodney Dangerfield For Tour Edge (1990)
This ad, originally posted to YouTube by TourEdgeGolf, features the comedian impressing two ladies with his golf work.
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  • Pinky and Brain: B: This, is a mousalope. :P: This is a mousalope in a frying pan. Sizzle YAA! sizzle OOH! Any questions? :B: A mousalope, is a terrible thing to waste.
    -Pinky and Brain
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