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Ricky Nelson-"All My Best" (1980)
This ad promotes a collection of Nelson songs from the beginning of his career to near the end of it.
Stove Top Stuffing in the Middle East (1980)
I don't know what part of the Middle East this ad took place. Maybe just a Middle-Eastern restaurant in the U.S. This has all the Americans crazy for
MTV's Autograph's Guitar Contest (1980)
Wendy O. Williams and several members of Autograph promote this contest, providing clues to win.
Coffee-Mate Liquid (1990)
This ad is slightly clipped at the end. This ad is also another case of a person who looks familiar, but I can't match a name to them.
ScotTowels Race for Cash game (1980)
Rub one track on the game piece, and you could win up to $10,000 a year for life (I don't know why this guy's 'peeling' instead of rubbing off). Origi
A Nassau Community College Ad (1980)
This ad is preceded by an MTV I.D with Jon Bon Jovi, Huey Lewis and Bryan Adams.
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