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Zales Commercial 3 (1980)
A gift for the parents...
Siempre en Domingo on Univision from Paris, France (1989)
Taken from 1989 with former late host Raúl Velasco.
WOIO ID from 1991 (1991)
Promo for WOIO Cleveland when the station was a Fox affiliate. It switched to a CBS affiliate in 1994.
Walt Disney Pictures Blue Text (1993)
You probably saw this text-only logo in live action Disney movies and trailers in the 1990s as well as on the Mighty Joe Young remake.
The Dreher Park Zoo (1980)
A quick ad for the Florida zoo...
A Better Business Bureau PSA (1980)
Look out for the Quick Rich Distributor.
Clairol Nice 'N' Easy In 1990 (1990)
90s hair is on display in this ad.
1996 Olympics (1995) (1990)
Shown in a commercial break from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. the Texas Longhorns on WTVG TV13 in Toledo.
KTVU Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Feb. 17-19! (1990)
Taken from 1990 Two for One Days.
Quote O' Matic
  • Ross, Monica and Chandler: Ross: What was the name of Chandler's father gay burlisque show?
    Monica: VIVA LAS GAYGAS!
    Chandler: Unfortunatly that is correct.
    -Ross, Monica and Chandler
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