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CBS' "We've Got The Touch" (Outdoor Games) (1980)
Victoria Principal, Tom Poston and Gerald McRaney are among the stars in this promo.
1980 Beautyrest Commercial (1980)
Originally uploaded by mycommercials on YouTube.
The All-New Let's Make a Deal/Anything For Money promo (1980)
Two new game shows for WCBS-TV's daytime lineup. Originally posted to YouTube by 'casanoc'.
November 3,1996 KOCO-TV Oklahoma City Promo (1990)
Here is promo for the Channel 5 News about the Top Ten Toys of 1996 for the upcoming Holiday season.
"Toros Are On Sale!" (1980)
This Toro ad came from 1980.
Somerset County Technical Institute (1980)
This ad for a New Jersey-based school is unforunately clipped at the end.
Quote O' Matic
  • Phineas Bogg: "I've been playing cards since they were made of rocks."
    Jeffrey Jones: "It must have been tough to shuffle."
  • Voyagers