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William "Refrigerator" Perry For NutraSweet (1980)
The Fridge and his daughter have a midnight snack with some health to it...SOME.
Still Another Perky Jean Ad With Jennifer Beals (1980)
In this one, originally posted to YouTube by eltopocult, the actress hangs out on the beach.
A British Clearasil Ad (1980)
In this British ad, originally posted to YouTube by atariman1988, a girl talks about her sister's use of the product. The sister who uses it is played
Sugar Free Canada Dry (1990)
Athletic, aren't they?
Quote O' Matic
  • young man being interviewed: I like boys, I like girls. They're all great. There's no difference, is there? ...Mr. BBC.
    -young man being interviewed
  • Velvet Goldmine