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Zales Commercial 3 (1980)
A gift for the parents...
Zales Commercial 1 (1980)
According to this ad, your diamond might be a blood diamond, even though they don't explicitly say so.
Baltimore's All Nations Festival (1980)
This want ad is preceded by a bumper for the 28th Annual Grammy Awards.
Soft 'N' Dri Solid (Newscaster) (1980)
The jingle skips a little when the word "solid" is said.
Choc-Wedge (1980)
This is an ad for an Australian ice cream treat that's enjoyed by some colorfully attired youth in the best place to eat ice cream. The ladies look es
Zip-Loc Storage Bags (1980)
As the price of fresh produce goes up, people start worrying...Even Bugs Bunny.
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