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Bush, Dukakis and Willie Horton (1980)
This ad, originally posted to YouTube by llehman84, comes from George H.W Bush's presidential campaign of 1988 and compares his stance on crime to Mic
An Australian Jenny Craig Ad (1980)
In this ad, originally posted to YouTube by tramman82, the creator talks about her diet program in Australia. You know, I had no idea that there was a
Just Breed (Japanese Advert) (1990)
15 seconds for Just Breed commercial. Only Japanese. Here on Nintendo Entertainment System. Enix is good.
"New Faces" On 9 (1980)
This is an Australian talent show in the vein of "Star Search".
The Puyallup Fair (1980)
Another interesting local commercial...
A Goldmark Ad (1980)
This is an ad for an Australian jewelry store with a woman showing off one of the products.
Film Ex 1980 (1980)
The 1980 version of this California film festival is promoted in a "horrific" way.
Univision ID (Lo Nuestro) (1989)
2nd logo from 1989.
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