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AAA Insurance (1980)
When Dorothy hits Munchkin land, an insurance salesman comes along to help her.
Another Sea Breeze Ad (1980)
I think that this lady's blonde hair contasts well with her blue and white clothing. I can definitely see why she's turning heads.
A Full-Length Madonna Mitsubishi Ad From Japan (1980)
This is the full-length version of an earlier ad I posted.
Another Madonna Ad From Japan (1990)
Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to wondering what product Madonna is helping to advertise, but it's an interesting looking commercial, isn
Quote O' Matic
  • Rambo: "There's one man dead! It was not my fault! I don't want anymore hurt!"
    Teasle: "Freeze! Give yourself up!"
    Rambo: "But I didn't do anything!"
    Teasle: "I'm warning you boy, don't make a move or I'll blow your head off!"
    Rambo: "I didn't do anything!"
  • First Blood