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A 1982 Jontue Ad (1980)
This ad promotes a tie-in with the Color Dynasty III Make-Up Collection.
Raging Waters - 1991 (1990)
This ad aired throughout the summer of 1991, and also promoted a tie-in with a local radio station. I'm not sure if the station is still on the air to
A Japanese Fuji Ad With Sting (1980)
Sting sings "The Lazarus Heart" in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by nv850hd2.
1989 Formula 44 Commercial (1980)
Originally uploaded by mycommercials on YouTube.
An EZ-Off Ad (1980)
"Make it easy on yourself"...
Quote O' Matic
  • Wakko and Ivan: Wakko: Hey, mister, what's this? Ivan Bloski: A vomit bag. Wakko: Ah, poo. I got gypped. There's none in here.
    -Wakko and Ivan
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