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1991 Park East Plastic Surgery Commercial (1990)
Originally uploaded by mycommercials on YouTube.
A 1984 American Airlines Ad (1980)
This ad talks about what makes the company "something special in the air".
OscoDrug (1990)
Is this pharmacy chain still open?
ABC promos--1990 (1990)
Promos for "A Bunny's Tale" with Kirstie Alley and one for a football game between the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins.
A 1988 Nice 'N' Easy Ad (1980)
The woman in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by VideoWayback, looks and sounds good. She looks and sounds familiar, also, but I can't place her.
Jim McMahon For Miracle Whip (1980)
The Chicago Bears favorite is hungry and getting his frustration out in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by rsm31076.
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  • Bart Simpson doll Bender: 'Eat my shorts!' 'Ok. *eats it* Mmm. Shorts!'
    -Bart Simpson doll Bender
  • Futurama