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Lovestars (1980)
This was a singles line that involved astrology.
Urge Norweigan Commercial 3 (1996) (1990)
The original Norweigan of "Urge" known as "Surge" from the US outside in Norway.
Monster Munch Advert #3 (1990)
An advert for the british snack food called Monster Munch If you're interested in purchasing Monster Munch and aren't fortunate enough to live in B
Finley-Holiday Films 1997-Current (1997)
This is the Finley-Holiday Films logo that was current from 1997 VHS Tapes to the DVDs of Today.
Brooke Shields For Lux (1980)
This rather meta Japanese commercial was originally posted to YouTube by nv850hd.
A 1980 Colgate Ad (1980)
It's Take 2 for this ad.
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