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Jhirmack Professional Hairsprays (1980)
Victoria Principal is on a boat in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by rsm31076.
ChapStick Ad 1 (1980)
I wasn't able to edit this properly, so it's slightly clipped at the end.
3 More Megaphone Company Ads (1980)
In order, they promote the Santa Hotline, the Rock Hotline and Teen Troubles.
Robert Morley For Tyson (1980)
The British actor promotes their Chicken Entrees.
A 1987 Contac Ad (1980)
This ad involves exploration of plant life.
1987 AT&T Ad 1 (1980)
The company is a master of disaster.
Sporty Spice For Polaroid (1990)
This quick ad was originally posted to YouTube by SPICEMERCH.
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