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United Airlines Ad 3 (1980)
This ad mentions how they go all over the place.
Panasonic Ad 1 (1980)
This colorful ad promotes their CD technology.
Curtis Mathes Electronics (1980)
Is this chain still open?
IBM Ad 7 (1980)
This ad features a group of men talking about their dairy farming friend Jim and how IBM's products have helped him out.
2 Palmolive Ads (1990)
These back-to-back ads from the "Madge" campaign promote their Dishwashing Liquid in both regular and lemon-lime form.
FDS Feminine Deodorant (1980)
How does that work anyway? I'm a guy...I wouldn't know.
The AT&T Buy And Fly Offer (1980)
This ad promoted a tie-in deal with United Airlines where you could get miles if you bought certain AT&T phones.
Purina Ad 4 (1980)
I accidentally marked the previos Purina ad as the second one. It was actually the 3rd one, so here's number 4, this time once again promoting their D
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