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Los Alamitos Night Harness Racing (1980)
It's "The sport of emperors".
The AT&T Personal Network (1990)
This ad about everyday life is set to an instrumental version of Madonna's "Ray Of Light".
A Portland, Oregon Travel Ad (1980)
For our members from Portland: What do you think of this ad?
The Go-Gos' "Talk Show" (1980)
This is a commercial for the release of this album.
Bottle Rocket Trailer (1990)
Found on a VHS copy of The Juror.
Gillette Ad 3 (1990)
These are 2 ads, one for a female razor and one for a male razor, serving as bookends for a brief history lesson regarding Russia for the 1994 Goodwil
An Alumaroll Ad (1980)
This was a housing store in Rochester, New York.
Quote O' Matic
  • "does this guy know how to party or what!!"- wayne about alice cooper
  • Wayne's World