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Miller Ad 14..Take 2 (1980)
This ad takes place during and after an amateur baseball game.
Gallery Of Homes (1970)
This was a chain of realtors back in the 70s.
A 1-800-Collect Ad From 1993 (1990)
This ad is tied into baseball.
Army Ad 6 (1980)
This ad talks about preparing for enlistment before high school.
Chevrolet-Gumption (1990)
This ad is a (rather condescending) tribute to the American spirit...
A Van De Kamps' Ad From 1988 (1980)
"The freshest ideas in frozen fish..."
Budget Auto Painting (1990)
This was a car repair place in Georgia.
Miller Ad 16 (1980)
This ad features a charter captain leaving for some relaxation.
A Dry Idea Ad From 1978 (1970)
"It doesn't make you wet so it doesn't make you wait".
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