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Pittsburgh Penguins 1986-1987 - Tickets Commercial (1980)
Pittsburgh Penguins Commercial Tickets 1986-1987 I believe that woman still goes to Pens games and wheres that same shirt? Can anyone confirm?
A Diet Coke Ad With Several Celebrities (1980)
Chuck Berry, Martin Mull and Andie MacDowell all appear in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by robatsea2009.
Chimere Fragrance (1970)
Is this fragrance still around?
ChapStick Ad 1 (1980)
I wasn't able to edit this properly, so it's slightly clipped at the end.
Shaklee Ad 2 (1980)
This ad takes place at a kids' basketball game
Quote O' Matic
  • Bender's severed head: I'll give you $5 to not do what you're thinking about doing...

    *Dog pees on Bender*

    Bender: Heheh, you just lost FIVE dollars.
  • Futurama