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Taylor Champagne (1980)
Everybody's giggling over this...Even Santa Claus.
A 1988 Nice 'N' Easy Ad (1980)
The woman in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by VideoWayback, looks and sounds good. She looks and sounds familiar, also, but I can't place her.
Jaclyn Smith For Jack LaLaane Holiday Spas (1980)
This ad, which unfortunately cuts off at the end, was originally posted to YouTube by rsm31076.
1996 Olympics (1995) (1990)
Shown in a commercial break from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. the Texas Longhorns on WTVG TV13 in Toledo.
Another B104 Ad (1980)
This ad ties into the Grammy Awards that were airing that night.
WTOG 8 O'Clock Movie Intro with The Terminator (1991)
Aircraft Music's News for You
Quote O' Matic