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La-Z Boy Ad 2 (1990)
This ad has the racoons channel surfing.
MCI Ad 1 (1990)
This promotes their Personal 800 number idea.
Kids' WB - Bugs 'N' Daffy - Making the Future Wackier For All Mankind (1990)
Another "Bugs 'N' Daffy" promo, this time a little later and more scientific oriented.
Mountain Dew Ad 2 (1980)
This is a longer version of the break-dancing ad, but it has music more suitable for the dancing.
An Atlantic Financial Ad (1980)
Just a quick ad accompanying images of sailing...
An American Airlines Ad (1980)
Good work is rewarded...
Bounty with Rosie (1980)
spoofing Casablanca
Polaroid Ad 4 (1980)
This ad from the "Polaroid's America" era takes place at a Southern barbecue.
ABC-"Who's The Boss?" And "Growing Pains" Promo 1 (1988)
This promo came from near the beginning of 1988.
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