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Another Permasoft Ad (1980)
The guy is obviously French, but is the girl?
Coffee Acheivers With Cicely Tyson (1980)
While there are several other celebrity clips, this ad primarily focuses on Cicely Tyson.
Another B104 Ad (1980)
This ad ties into the Grammy Awards that were airing that night.
ABC Promo-"Matt Houston" (1980)
This promoted the premiere of the show.
ABC Promo-"New York Style" (1980)
This was a very brief ad for a WABC-based TV show. It's followed by a partial bumper for the 56th Annual Academy Awards.
New, Improved Viva Towels (1970)
25% more absorbent than the old Viva. Courtesy of YouTube's 'MrClassicAds'.
The Video Station (1980)
I wonder if this Nevada video store is still open.
Quote O' Matic
  • Dante Hicks: Someone jammed gum in the locks.
    Veronica Loughran: You're kidding.
    Dante Hicks: Bunch of savages in this town.
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