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Mounds (1980)
Canadian Tire Scrooge Christmas 1984 (1980)
Canadian Tire: Where you give like Santa, and save like Scrooge.
Dupont's Teflon-Coated Filter Bags (1980)
This barbecue-themed ad came from 1980.
Revlon's Eye Coloring Sticks (1980)
3 good-looking women showcase the products on a dock.
Maaslander (1980)
This Netherlands cheese commercial features attractive gals.
Anacin with cold sufferer (1980)
This guy's suffering an achy cold. Originally posted to YouTube by 'WREYTube'.
Touchable Shine Favor (1980)
This ad for a cleaning product came from 1982.
Quote O' Matic
  • Yakko and Dot: Y- All is strange and vague.
    -D- Are we dead?
    -Y- Or is this Ohio?
    -Yakko and Dot
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