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Acuvue Disposable Contact Lenses (1980)
"Discover the vision of the future".
Curtis Mathes Electronics (1980)
Is this chain still open?
Television Corporation of the Catholic University of Chile (1990) (1990)
Posted in YouTube by RodrigoPopTechno.
Television Corporation of the University of Chile (1990) (1990)
Posted in YouTube by Archivo23.
A 1st Nationwide Ad (1980)
This ad compares financing to building a house.
Rogers' Jewelers (1980)
Diamonds and chocolate...Interesting combo.
Certs Ad 1 (1980)
This time, "The Encounter" is on a cruise ship.
Raging Waters - 1991 (1990)
This ad aired throughout the summer of 1991, and also promoted a tie-in with a local radio station. I'm not sure if the station is still on the air to
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