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Another 1978 Colgate Ad (1970)
Lots of people with happy looks in this ad...
2 WTMJ Promos (1980)
This video has back-to-back promos for "The People's Court" and "The Merv Show". It's followed by a bumper for "The Best Of SCTV".
A 1983 Holly Farms Ad (1980)
"If you want a fresher chicken, you'll have to grow your own...". This ad is followed by a brief promo for "Lie Detector" and a bumper for "M*A*S*H".
Sprint's The Most (1990)
It's all about using your head...
A Trio Of Milwaukee Ads (1990)
This video combines a brief Marshall Fields' ad, a Green Bay Packers promo and a WITI news sting.
1993 CBS Promos 5 (1990)
This ad promotes the shows "It Had To Be You" and "Dave's World".
Quote O' Matic
  • Ray Peterson: [chanting] I'm not going to listen to this, I'm not going to here this now.
    Art: Ray! Ray! Your chanting!
    [points to book]
    Art: Ray, unconscious chanting... your chanting!
    Ray Peterson: [continues Chanting with fingers in ears]
    Art: [chants] I want to kill everyone. Satan is good....
  • The Burbs