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A 1987 Contac Ad (1980)
This ad involves exploration of plant life.
"Antenna" By ZZ Top (1990)
This ad for their 1994 album is followed by a quick WMAQ news promo.
Taylor Champagne (1980)
Everybody's giggling over this...Even Santa Claus.
A 1988 Nice 'N' Easy Ad (1980)
The woman in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by VideoWayback, looks and sounds good. She looks and sounds familiar, also, but I can't place her.
Jaclyn Smith For Jack LaLaane Holiday Spas (1980)
This ad, which unfortunately cuts off at the end, was originally posted to YouTube by rsm31076.
Quote O' Matic
  • "Tim, you growing a beard?"
    "What do you think?"
    "Well, I'm not sure. I could never understand why a man would want to hide his face."
    -Wilson and Tim
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