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A VERY Brief CBS News Promo (1980)
Don't close your eyes or you might miss it...
The Pentax MG (1980)
Who is more worthy?
A Colgate Junior Ad (1980)
This is a better-quality version of this rocking ad, originally posted to YouTube by Thatmyscript.
The Who For Schlitz (1980)
This ad was posted a long while back, but here it is in better condition.
An Ivory Ad From 1987 (1980)
A woman named Candace Stella talks about her usage of the product.
"The 1993 Parade Of Homes" On WTTI (1990)
This ad is another one that uses Wang Chung's "City Of The Angels".
WWF's "Fully Loaded" (1990)
This 1999 pay-per-view promo was originally posted to YouTube by IdestroyallV2.
Fresh Start laundry detergent (1981) (1980)
"Get a Fresh Start Every Day!"
"The Saint" On WTMJ Promo 2 (1980)
This is another ad from 1982.
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