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Fibyrax (1980)
This Australian ad features a good-looking woman getting rid of clothes that are too big for her. I like what she's wearing while discarding them.
An Australian Yellow Pages Ad (1980)
A group of totally 80s Australians show off things they've acquired through using the Yellow Pages.
Ronald Reagan Campaign (1980)
A Ronald Reagan Campaign Ad-The Bear
Pitman Photo Supply (1993)
Miami's Pitman Photo store located North of the Falls during the 1990s.
A Telecom Australia Ad (1980)
This ad, originally posted to YouTube by GrubcoTV, has some interesting dialogue.
Quote O' Matic
  • Max Shumacher: After living with you for the last six months, I'm turning into one of your scripts. Well, this is not a script, Diana. There's some real, actual life going on here.
    -Max Shumacher
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