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Another 1986 AT&T Ad (1980)
This ad talks about how they helped American Express.
Diamonds From J.C Penney (1980)
I hope that's her boyfriend...
Coebergh Brandy (1980)
A brandy commercial from the Netherlands
Anacin-The Type A-3 Personality (1990)
This ad came from 1990.
"The Great Debate" On VH1 Promo 2 (2012)
This ad promotes the debate on Snuggies.
J.C Penney Ad 3 (1990)
This ad, which apparently didn't go through the first time, promotes their American Classics Wrinkle-Free Sheets.
Quote O' Matic
  • Joe and Rose: Joe: "Happy Thanksgiving." (brief moment of silence) "It's your turn to say 'Happy Thanksgiving' back."
    Rose: "Happy Thanksgiving back."
    -Joe and Rose
  • You've Got Mail