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KLRN Logo 1985-1994 (1985)
from 1985
Starlog Magazine (1980)
This ad was originally posted to YouTube by markpo. There are some audio drop-outs, though.
Seaview Wine (1980)
Originally posted to YouTube by GrubcoTV3, this ad for an Australian brand of wine features footage of various scenic parts of the country.
P.C. Richard & Son's 69th Birthday sale (1970)
P.C. Richard & Son, the now Appliance, Electronics, and Computers Giant, celebrates it's 69th birthday. Richard's is now almost 100 years-old.
"Moonstruck" TV Spot (1980)
This is a TV spot for this 1987 classic starring Cher and Nicolas Cage.
Fabrege Times 3 (1980)
This ad has the "They'll tell 2 friends" multiplied even further.
Quote O' Matic
  • Mario: What single-celled organism did you evolve from?
    King Koopa: Tyrannosaurus Rex, the lizard king, thank you very much.
  • Super Mario Brothers