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Clover (1997 UK) (1990)
An advert to Clover butter aired in the UK in 1997. Taken from one of the advert breaks on my YouTube channel (Chao772VersionIV)
Listermint With Flouride (1980)
"It takes care of your teeth while it takes care of your breath".
1980 Beautyrest Commercial (1980)
Originally uploaded by mycommercials on YouTube.
The AT&T Mail Survey (1980)
Cliff Robertson appears in this ad.
Diamonds From J.C Penney (1980)
I hope that's her boyfriend...
Nike in Max Makes Tracks - 1993 (1990)
This ad features triathlete Mark Allen.
National Television of Chile (1993) (1990)
Posted in YouTube by NANCOTV.
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