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Olay Deep Cleansers (2012)
This ad is unfortunately cut off at the end.
Anacin-The Type A-3 Personality (1990)
This ad came from 1990.
Serenity Feminine Bladder Control Guards - 1989 (1980)
"Protection that lets you feel like a woman again."
Dupont's Teflon-Coated Filter Bags (1980)
This barbecue-themed ad came from 1980.
Artex (1980)
A Brazilian ad.
Ricky Nelson-"All My Best" (1980)
This ad promotes a collection of Nelson songs from the beginning of his career to near the end of it.
"Mistaken Identity" By Kim Carnes (1980)
This ad for this Kim Carnes album was originally posted to YouTube by seanmc31076.
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  • Noah: Now look here you big upperty Ape! This my island...and If I say we are going to live together in piece and harmony...that is persaierly what we've going to do! Got it?! Grrrrr.....!
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