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Edge Gel (1980)
"Not Your Ordinary Shave..."
"National Business Employment Weekly" (1980)
This was a publication by Dow Jones.
Fresh Start - You've got a good detergent (1980)
Another installment of the introduction of a "highly-concentrated granular detergent".
NWA House Show Promo With The Powers Of Pain (1980)
This promo was originally posted to YouTube by azdevilcat.
NWA At The Cincinnati Gardens Promo 5 (1980)
Originally posted to YouTube by azdevilcat, this house show promo features Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard
Bruce Hornsby And The Range-"The Way It Is" (1980)
This ad promotes their 1986 album.
Quote O' Matic
  • Spike: You said You'd Take Care Of it..
    Shane : Give Me a Break, i kept this Stupid Egg All Week It was embarrassing..
    Spike: you think this Is Embarrassing.... Shane... Im going to get FAT,... im going to have a BABY!!!
  • Degrassi Junior High