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"M*A*S*H" Cast Members For IBM (1980)
Ads from this campaign were among the first commercials to be posted to this site. Here are two more from the campaign, one featuring Jamie Farr and t
St. Anthony's Family Medical Center And Curad (1980)
These ads were too short to separate, so here they are back-to-back.
A Clairol Ad With Linda Evans (1990)
This 1990 Ultress ad was originally posted to YouTube by GloopTrekker.
A 1988 Vaseline Ad (1980)
This ad is done in the style of a talk show.
The Blue Cross And Blue Shield I.D Card (1970)
This ad came out of Michigan.
Oleg Cassini Fragrances (1980)
This ad with some gorgeous people promotes Jovan's selling of Cassini's fragrances.
Link By Singer (1980)
This ad promotiong simulator work came from 1980. It's followed by a KNTV bumper with a picture of the University Of Santa Clara.
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