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Finis Furniture Polish (1970)
"The best deserves the best"...
"MTV's Now Hear This" (1980)
"If it's old, it's outta here!"
The Search For Halloween Headquarters Ad 1 (1990)
This Coors Light ad with Leslie Nielsen was originally posted to YouTube by seanmc31076.
Don Adams For Coors Light (1980)
The "Get Smart" star deals with someone who recognizes him in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by seanmc31076.
Mazda Winter Dealin' Days Ad 2 (1980)
This ad was based out of California.
A 1994 AT&T Ad (1990)
The ad is called "True Friends". I think future SNL cast-member Rachel Dratch is the one with the cropped hair in this ad.
Worthington Dodge Ad 1 (1980)
This ad promotes how you could pay one dollar over the factory invoice every month...
Always Ultra With Quick Wrap (1990)
This ad was originally posted to YouTube by vintagecommercial.
Quote O' Matic
  • Inspector:"he's following in his grandfather's vootshtops!

    Villagers: Huh?

    Insepctors: Starts pounding his feet, vootshtops, vootshtops!!

    Villagers: OH!! Footsteps!
  • Young Frankenstein