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MTV I.D (Olympics) (1980)
A sports-themed mixture of stock footage and music video clips...
Army Ad 1 (1980)
This ad promotes the Army Rangers division.
The Great Southern Home Show (1990)
The opposite of a weapons show...
The Atlanta Gun And Knife Show (1990)
I imagine some of you will be making redneck jokes...
An Airborne Overnight Ad (1980)
I'm presuming this was a competitor to Federal Express.
KitchenAid Ad 2 (1990)
This ad compares the appliances to a waterfall.
The Chrysler Laser (1980)
You'll recognize James Earl Jones doing the narrating.
Miller Ad 16 (1980)
This ad features a charter captain leaving for some relaxation.
Curtis Mathes Electronics (1980)
Is this chain still open?
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