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Coca-Cola: The Surprise Anniversary Party (1980)
I don't know if I've already posted this or not, but this is a test. I posted several videos earlier, but they didn't show up. Hopefully, this one wil
How To Test A Honda Prelude (1980)
This ad came from 1987.
November 3,1996 KOCO-TV Oklahoma City Promo (1990)
Here is promo for the Channel 5 News about the Top Ten Toys of 1996 for the upcoming Holiday season.
Link By Singer (1980)
This ad promotiong simulator work came from 1980. It's followed by a KNTV bumper with a picture of the University Of Santa Clara.
U2 For Blackberry (2012)
No matter what the decade, pomposity becomes them.
Avis Car Center (1980)
"We're trying harder than ever..."
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