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Gallery Of Homes (1970)
This was a chain of realtors back in the 70s.
Wendy's Big Bacon Classic Combo (1990)
I'm more of a Baconator person myself...
1981 CBS Promo 1 (1980)
This ad promotes episodes of "60 Minutes" and "The Jeffersons".
"Speed The Plow" (1980)
This is an ad for this David Mamet play. You'll recognize star David Rasche from the cult classic TV show "Sledge Hammer".
USA Today: The Television Show #2 (1988) (1980)
Shown in a commercial break from Newscenter 8 at 6:00 on WJW TV8 in Cleveland.
Gleem Gold Toothpaste (1980)
"Teeth aren't white until they Gleem..."
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