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Ricky Nelson-"All My Best" (1980)
This ad promotes a collection of Nelson songs from the beginning of his career to near the end of it.
Olay Deep Cleansers (2012)
This ad is unfortunately cut off at the end.
Low Prices At Meijer Grocery (2012)
This ad comes from Chicago.
Outback Steakhouse-3 Meals At $9.95 Each (2012)
"Live adventurous...Go Outback".
Budweiser-Searching For A Mummy (1980)
Everyone wants a light...Not that light, though.
"An Evening At The Improv" Advertising Bumper (1980)
This bumper has mini-ads for Botany 500 clothing and Fuji Audio Cassettes.
Artex (1980)
A Brazilian ad.
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