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"Me" Magazine (1980)
A woman does a rhyme about this British women's magazine. It also has a clipboard give-away with this particular issue. Interesting giveaway.
Edgewater Mall (Biloxi, MS) Commercial from 1992 (1990)
A commercial for Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, MS from 1992.
Coke Is It...In A Recording Studio (1980)
This Australian ad features a group of musicians and singers drinking Coke while performing the jingle.
66 WNBC (1980)
Before WFAN, it was 66 WNNNBC.
Choicest Blend From Brooke Bond (1980)
I love the look of this tea commercial...Especially the ladies.
Gunstar Heroes (Japan) (1990)
A Sega Genesis game is called Gunstar Heroes on Japan.
"Caroline's Comedy Hour" On A&E (1990)
The late Richard Jeni talks about his hosting gig on this show, and his dad's reaction to it.
The Puyallup Fair (1980)
Another interesting local commercial...
A Chicago-Based Coca-Cola Ad (1980)
This ad, originally posted to YouTube by willtiel, promotes a Great America tie-in. It may cut off at the end.
Quote O' Matic
  • Cliff & Wendy: Cliff Spab: So are we gettin' married or what?
    Wendy Pfister: Hey, guy. You fucking know it.

    -Cliff & Wendy
  • S.F.W.