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The Who For Schlitz (1980)
This ad was posted a long while back, but here it is in better condition.
2 Builders' Square Ads (1990)
The first involves the Wagner Power Painting System, the second involves puppetry and both were too short to separate, so here they are, back-to-back.
Schlesinger's Cars And The Party Line (1980)
I couldn't separate these 2 ads, so here they are, back-to-back.
Kim Alexis For The Beef Industry Council (1980)
This ad was originally posted to YouTube by lugnut0.
A 1989 Sprint Ad (1980)
Frantic, isn't it?
"The Saint" On WTMJ Promo 2 (1980)
This is another ad from 1982.
Alpine Valley's Western Weekend (1980)
Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker...
Tater Crisps Ad- Able (1994) (1990)
They're -ible and -able!
Quote O' Matic
  • Miss Flamiel: What is the meaning of the word "procrastination"?
  • Wakko: I'll tell you tomorrow.
  • Animaniacs