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2 Builders' Square Ads (1990)
The first involves the Wagner Power Painting System, the second involves puppetry and both were too short to separate, so here they are, back-to-back.
Ground Water Water Beds (1980)
This ad came from 1988.
A 1989 AT&T Ad (1980)
It seems like one of the only things you can rely on...
Judas Priest's "Point Of Entry" (1980)
This ad was originally posted to YouTube by seanmc1114.
Quote O' Matic
  • Hallie: [playing poker with Annie at camp] I'll tell you what. I'll make you a little deal. Loser jumps into the lake after the game.
    Annie: Excellent.
    Hallie: Butt naked.
    Annie: Even more excellent. Start unzipping Parker. Straight, in diamonds.
    Hallie: You're good James, but, you're just n...
  • The Parent Trap
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