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1979 Kodak Ad 2 (1970)
This ad with Michael Landon takes place at a ballet recital.
Robert Morley For Tyson (1980)
The British actor promotes their Chicken Entrees.
Harrah's Casino Joliet (1990)
This ad, which I wasn't able to edit properly and thus cuts off at the end, came from 1994.
Willoughby's (1980)
Who here remembers Willoughby's, the largest discount camera store in New York City? Originally posted to YouTube by 'Genius7277'.
A Quick Polaroid Spectra System Ad (1980)
This ad with two girls excited about their picture with Richard Marx was originally posted to YouTube by Burninschit.
Quote O' Matic
  • Elrond: "This sword the runes name, 'Glammdring the Foe-Hammer.' Keep it well."
  • The Hobbit
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