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Silkience Frequent Use (1980)
This Australian hair-care commercial features a good-looking woman showing off various hairstyles.
John Forsythe For United Airlines (1980)
In this Australian ad, originally posted to YouTube by tramman82, the "Dynasty" star talks about what he likes about the airline.
Sugar Free Canada Dry (1990)
Athletic, aren't they?
Just Breed (Japanese Advert) (1990)
15 seconds for Just Breed commercial. Only Japanese. Here on Nintendo Entertainment System. Enix is good.
The Puyallup Fair (1980)
Another interesting local commercial...
An Accomin Ad (1980)
In this Australian ad, a good-looking (at least I think so) woman talks about her busy life and how this vitamin product helps her.
Fibyrax (1980)
This Australian ad features a good-looking woman getting rid of clothes that are too big for her. I like what she's wearing while discarding them.
Calvin Klein's Obsession At Hudson's (1980)
A short, sweet and to-the-point commercial that talks about what appears to be a body spray version of the fragrance.
The NWA Bunkhouse Stampede (1980)
This ad promotes the NWA event at the Seattle Center Arena. Unfortunately, the ad cuts off at the end.
Rutger Hauer For Guiness (Seriously) (1990)
This ad, originally posted to YouTube by drdejvu, features the actor getting rather nosy with this drink.
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