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A Car Financing Ad From Oregon (1980)
This ad promotes financing related to the Mercury and Lincoln lines of cars.
Army Ad 2 (1980)
This ad shows basic training scenarios.
A Visa Ad From 1988 (1980)
This ad is tied in to the 1988 Olympics in South Korea.
A Schwab Ad (1990)
A lot of things to do for an IRA...There's also a (gag me) "Rosie O'Donnell Show" promo at the end.
Wells Fargo Ad 1 (1980)
"Maximum interest...Maximum service...Wells Fargo Bank delivers both".
The Money Store Ad 2 (1980)
This ad plays it straight...
An Aim Toothpaste Ad From 1977 (1970)
"Take AIM against cavities".
Highland Supplies Store (1980)
"Nobody gives you more, and nobody, but nobody, sells for less".
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