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Big (1980)
A Bell Ad, A Quick KNBC Promo And A Bob Hope Special Bumper (1980)
The Bell ad comes from the "Reach Out And Touch Someone" campaign, the KNBC promo talks sports, and the bumper is for Bob Hope's special "Women I Love
OscoDrug (1990)
Is this pharmacy chain still open?
J.C Penney Ad 3 (1980)
This ad promotes their jewelry and watches.
Jhirmack Professional Hairsprays (1980)
Victoria Principal is on a boat in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by rsm31076.
KSDK NewsChannel 5 at Ten Opening - (1990) (1990)
Opening of NewsChannel 5 at Ten in 1990 - From KSDK St. Louis, MO
A Cablevision Advertising Promo (1980)
This ad makes mention of how advertising could be featured on USA Network. It shows clips of what the channel was like back in the 80s. Times change,
A 1979 TWA Ad (1970)
This ad promotes a 2-for-1 ticket special.
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