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KAIT 8 News on the Road (1990)
This station is local to my area.
"Pennies From Heaven" TV Spot (1980)
This is a TV spot for this 1981 musical drama starring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters.
Colgate Tartar Control (1980)
Colgate vs. Crest
Another Ad Against Michael Dukakis (1980)
This ad, also endorsed by the Bush/Quayle 1988 campaign, talks about Dukakis' thoughts on prison.
A Japanese Fuji Ad With Sting (1980)
Sting sings "The Lazarus Heart" in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by nv850hd2.
Quote O' Matic
  • Johnny Bravo: Hello there mama.
    -Johnny Bravo
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