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Mary Reilly Trailer (1990)
Found on a VHS copy of The Juror.
"KERO-TV Focus" (1980)
KERO was a channel in California.
The AT&T Buy And Fly Offer (1980)
This ad promoted a tie-in deal with United Airlines where you could get miles if you bought certain AT&T phones.
Television Corporation of the University of Chile (1990) (1990)
Posted in YouTube by Archivo23.
A Lotto Ad (1980)
I believe that's Robin Leach doing the narration.
"Curfew Breakers" Trailer (1980)
This is obviously not an 80s movie, but this trailer was featured during an Elvira Halloween special that aired on MTV in 1986.
1982 ABC Promo 1 (1980)
This is an ad for a Dick Clark-hosted lifestyle program called "Inside America". One of the segments features an 80s Ms. Universe winner named Shawn W
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