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Ellis Island (1980)
Promo for the 1984 miniseries starring Faye Dunaway and Richard Burton.
Rampart (1980)
An Intervision Rental Video Ad (1980)
Originally posted to YouTube by CannonFilms, this British ad seems to promote a trade-in program for videos from this label in case they malfunction.
Bill Cosby For Kodak Colorwatch (1980)
This ad has Cosby comparing the pictures he and his son took on a trip.
NWA At The Cincinnati Gardens Promo 11 (1980)
Originally posted to YouTube by azdevilcat, this house show promo features J.J Dillon.
MTV ID -Dexy's Midnight Runners/Billy Joel (1980)
This classic 1983 MTV promo features Dexy's Midnight Runners and Billy Joel.
Milk (1980)
Healthy Choice Foods (1990)
"Green Light!"
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