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Toll-Free Service From Bell Canada (1980)
This ad came from 1989.
Another Diet Pepsi Ad (1980)
In this one, a man and woman talk about heat both on this planet and others.
Mariette Hartley For Polaroid's One Step Cameras (1980)
Hartley is on her own, but with some kids, in this ad.
Back-To-Back Supersoft Set Two Ads (1980)
These British hair product ads with an attractive dark-haired model were originally posted to YouTube by hatassa.
A 1980 Charlie Ad (1980)
This ad for the Revlon fragrance has Shelley Hack walking around a city and having people notice her while singers perform the jingle in a scat format
A Rochester Institute Of Technology Ad (1980)
This ad with a man named Tim Hunter promotes their Continuing College Of Education.
The Summer Sale At The Great House Of Guitars (1980)
This ad promotes a sale on a variety of popular early 80s rock albums.
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