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Griff (1970)
First Choice Promos/Feature Intro 1983 (1980)
Here is are some 1983 promos,and a feature intro ,from Canadian pay tv channel"First Choice".
WGMB Fox 44 station IDs--1992 and 1993 (1990)
1992 and 1993 station IDs for WGMB, Fox 44, the affiliate for Baton Rouge, LA.
Pittsburgh Penguins 1986-1987 - Tickets Commercial (1980)
Pittsburgh Penguins Commercial Tickets 1986-1987 I believe that woman still goes to Pens games and wheres that same shirt? Can anyone confirm?
Orville Redenbacher RedenBudders (1990)
This ad with several people who enjoy the product was originally posted to YouTube by vintagecommercial.
Coors-The Actual Guys (1980)
Teamwork is what counts...
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