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CompLife Insurance (1980)
This ad takes place at a football party.
A 1984 American Greetings Ad (1980)
It seems like it might have something to do with the cold war.
An Anacin Ad From 1980 (1980)
It's missing a few seconds at the beginning, unfortunately.
A Jhirmack Lumisilk Ad (1980)
Victoria Principal talks about how much she likes this shampoo.
MTV's David Lee Roth Special (1980)
As shown, it aired to promote "Eat 'Em And Smile".
MTV I.D (We Have MTV) (1980)
Well, we did for a couple of years at any rate.
"Curfew Breakers" Trailer (1980)
This is obviously not an 80s movie, but this trailer was featured during an Elvira Halloween special that aired on MTV in 1986.
An Atlantic Financial Ad (1980)
Just a quick ad accompanying images of sailing...
Sprint-Noisemakers (1980)
This ad came from when they were known as U.S Sprint.
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  • Jay to Silent Bob: "Where do you get those wonderfull toys?"
    (kisses silent bob on the cheek)
    -Jay to Silent Bob
  • Mallrats
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