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Swatch On The Dunes (1980)
This watch ad shows that you can have fun in lots of places.
Michelob Light's U.S Olympic Pin (1980)
Doesn't beer make you less athletic?
Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays (1980)
This ad makes mention of a Waikiki vacation special.
2 Continental Airlines Ads From 1988 (1980)
These ads seem inspired by John Belushi's Samurai sketches from SNL.
A Japanese Pepsi Ad With The Jacksons (1980)
This ad, originally posted to YouTube by eltopocult, sets The Jacksons' vocals to scenes from the video for "Billie Jean".
MTV I.D (On The Pavement) (1980)
Be careful, guys...
IBM Ad 6 (1980)
This ad comes from their Charlie Chaplin campaign.
Jaclyn Smith For Epris (1980)
I may have posted this ad a long while back...I'm not quite sure, but here it is again.
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