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A Fotomat Ad (1980)
This ad promotes their advantages over other photo places.
Sherlock On The Ad Channel (1990)
This was an ad for a job listing segment on a channel in Atlanta, Georgia.
A Goodwill Games Promo (1990)
This ad makes mention of a runner named Gail Deaver (at least I think thats how it spelled).
MTV I.D (We Have MTV) (1980)
Well, we did for a couple of years at any rate.
Subaru Ad 1 (1980)
Life isn't consistent...
A Hallmark Cards Ad (1990)
This is a Christmas ad from 1990.
"Olympia" On USA (1980)
This is a spot for a USA airing of this controversial film about the 1936 Olympics.
MC1 Ad 2 (1990)
This promotes the MCI One plan.
Bounty with Rosie (1980)
spoofing Casablanca
The Money Store Ad 1 (1980)
Phil Rizzuto magically appears on a family's TV to promote this outfit...
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