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World Heroes 2 Jet for NeoGeo (1990)
Japanese Commercial
Gunstar Heroes (Japan) (1990)
A Sega Genesis game is called Gunstar Heroes on Japan.
Spectra (1980)
It's a genre-looking toy.
Zip-Loc Storage Bags (1980)
As the price of fresh produce goes up, people start worrying...Even Bugs Bunny.
MTV ID - We've Got The Stars (1980)
This classic 1981 MTV promo feature videos from Pat Benatar,Kim Carnes,Carly Simon,Blondie,The Go-Go's,Heart,Stevie Nicks,Karla DeVito,David Bowie,Hal
A&E - (1990)
Quote O' Matic
  • Eric: What do you do with...your thing?
  • The Toy