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Ginger Spice For Polaroid (1990)
This quick ad was originally posted to YouTube by SPICEMERCH.
Willoughby's (1980)
Who here remembers Willoughby's, the largest discount camera store in New York City? Originally posted to YouTube by 'Genius7277'.
A 1988 Nice 'N' Easy Ad (1980)
The woman in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by VideoWayback, looks and sounds good. She looks and sounds familiar, also, but I can't place her.
Pitman Photo Supply (1993)
Miami's Pitman Photo store located North of the Falls during the 1990s.
Quote O' Matic
  • Charlie Horse: (singing) If ever you're at bat / And you can feel yourself begin to choke, / Just step out of the box, straighten your socks... / And tell yourself a joke!
  • Lamb Chops Play Along