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MTV I.D (In Stereo 24 hours) (1980)
Some of the clips in this ad come from videos that were uploaded during the time we had a music video section.
Billy Joel's "The Bridge" At K-Mart (1980)
This ad came from their "Music Place" campaign.
Gabrielle Clothing (1980)
This colorful line of men's clothing was sold at Chess King.
Television Network at the University of Chile (1991) (1990)
Posted in YouTube by Archivo23.
A Windex Ad (1980)
"When Windex is on your side, the streak isn't!"
The Texas Instruments Solar Calculator (1980)
This Dracula-themed ad has some poor picture quality, unfortunately.
The Sofa Factory (1980)
This was a furniture store in California.
Epcott Inoventions Centre Commercial (1990)
Found on a VHS copy of Bill Nye The Science Guy: Reptiles & Insects: Leapin' Lizards.
IBM Ad 8 (1980)
This ad for their typewriters show many different people using them.
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