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1982 Revlon Ad 1 (1980)
This ad for Revlon's Charlie fragrance has Jack Jones singing the jingle.
Kodak Advantix Ad 2 (1990)
It seems reminiscent of a foreign movie.
A Chase Online Banking Ad (1990)
In 1999, this was amazing...In 2010, it's par for the course.
The Go-Gos' "Talk Show" (1980)
This is a commercial for the release of this album.
Haltran Menstrual Cramp Reliever (1980)
That woman looks familiar.
"Curfew Breakers" Trailer (1980)
This is obviously not an 80s movie, but this trailer was featured during an Elvira Halloween special that aired on MTV in 1986.
The Sofa Factory (1980)
This was a furniture store in California.
Budget Auto Painting (1990)
This was a car repair place in Georgia.
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