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"An Evening At The Improv" Advertising Bumper (1980)
This bumper has mini-ads for Botany 500 clothing and Fuji Audio Cassettes.
Bill Cosby For Kodak Colorwatch (1980)
This ad has Cosby comparing the pictures he and his son took on a trip.
Budweiser With Karla DeVito (1980)
...At least I think that's her. You would recognize her as the woman who lip-synched Ellen Foley's vocals in the video for "Paradise By The Dashboard
Kodak Batteries- Air Guitar (1980)
Back in the 80's, no one gave a damn about what was cool or not. Especially air guitar, and this commercial shows you it in all of its embarrassing sp
Air New Zealand (1980)
This commercial was originally posted to YouTube by kiwikid74.
Quote O' Matic
  • Scrooge: "Please, Spirit, I can no longer bear these memories. Take me home."
    Ghost of Christmas Past: "Remember, Scrooge: you fashioned these memories yourself." (echoes)
  • Mickey's Christmas Carol