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Sports Illustrated (1980)
This is an Illinois-based advertisement for subscriptions to the magazine.
Ys Book I-II for PC Engine (1990)
PC Engine is the Japanese version of the TurboGrafx-16.
Calvin Klein's Obsession At Hudson's (1980)
A short, sweet and to-the-point commercial that talks about what appears to be a body spray version of the fragrance.
A Jhirmack Salon Secrets Ad (1980)
In this ad, actress Victoria Principal gives tips on how to add volume to hair, both by brushing and using Jhirmack Nutri-Body shampoo.
An American Express Gift Checks Ad (1980)
In this Christmas-themed ad, comedian Garry Shandling talks about why he prefers Gift Checks to cash.
Blackstone For Ciggarest (1990)
The famed magician talks about an anti-smoking product.
Presto At K-Mart (1980)
This Christmas-oriented K-Mart ad for Presto products features an appearance by a young Tim Allen at the end.
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