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The Light & Thirsty Mop (1986)
That's a rather unusual name for a mop.
Excedrin-Shopping Chaos (1986)
This type of thing I have experienced...
Excedrin-Bad Flight (1986)
I haven't had an experience like this yet.
Linda Evans For Clairol Ultress (1986)
I love the styles, both hair and clothing, in this ad.
Clairol Loving Care Color Mousse (1986)
For women going prematurely gray...
Bruce Willis For Seagrams' Golden Wine Cooler (1986)
This meta ad takes place at a fancy restaurant.
WTBS Promo-Braves Vs. Padres (1986)
A quick promo for a 1986 baseball game...
Ban Roll-On: Pressure (1986)
It's a rhyming ad.
Pert Plus for Kids (1995)
from 1995
Wendy's Kids Meal (1988)
from 1988
Quote O' Matic
  • Reggie Mantle: Great. I finally meet a girl who likes me, and it turns out she's the teacher who made me retake geography in summer school.
    -Reggie Mantle
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