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KTVU 8 O'Clock Movie bumper 2 (1975)
Taken from 1975.
Intel Pentium III (2000)
from 2000 (with the Blue Man Group)
Pepsi - The Pepsi Club (1997)
from 1997 (with Robert Stack)
Fancy Feast (1996)
from 1996
Doublemint Gum (1998)
from 1998 (with Tia and Tamera Mowry)
Donruss Baseball Cards (1992)
from 1992
The Disney Channel - Sign Off (1983)
I put overdubbing in U.S. English version audio, accept Spanish high-quality VHS video from "El Disney Canal". Disney Channel closedown it ends.
The Disney Channel - Sign On (1983)
I put overdub in English audio. Disney Channel was launch in early 1983 will be only premium channel. Background music of Songs from the South film.
Brush Teeth for 2 Minutes, Twice a Day (2015)
In this commercial, the Super Duper Party Troopers sing a song about having ants in their pants.
Get Schooled from Ad Council (2015)
Are you ready for college? If not, you're not alone! Visit to find out what you can do to get ready for college.
Quote O' Matic
  • Yakko: I have a better idea, lets play 'What Happend to the Warners'!
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