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Mr. Phipps' Pretzel Chips (1991)
I wish I could remember if I ever ate these.
McDonalds' McLean Deluxe Ad 3 (1991)
This ad with an early 90s hip-hop flavor is about a blind taste test.
McDonalds' McLean Deluxe Ad 2 (1991)
This ad talks about how critics like the burger.
McDonalds' McLean Deluxe Ad 1 (1991)
This ad is preceded by a bumper for "The Best Of Disney: 50 Years Of Magic".
Manufacturers' Hanover Banks (1991)
It's "where your money has power".
Oscar Mayer Lunchables-Adults (1991)
Ads for this are usually seen only during kids' shows nowadays.
Little Caesars' Cheeser Cheeser Pizza (1991)
Character actor Mike Hagerty, whom you might recognize from "Wayne's World", appears in this ad.
Kraft Macaroni And Cheese-The Nightmare (1991)
This ad came from the Cheese And Macaroni campaign.
Kodak Gold 400 Film (1991)
This ad was part of the long-running True Colors campaign.
Kodak Colorkins (1991)
You could get these plushes if you purchased enough Kodak film.
Quote O' Matic
  • Tommy: Hey, Chuckie?
    Chuckie: What, Tommy, What? I'm trying to sleep!
    Tommy: I was just thinking about green Jello.
    Chuckie: Green Jello?
    Tommy: Yeah, how do they do it?
    Chuckie: Do what?
    Tommy: Make it green.
    Chuckie: I don't know, Tommy, I'm going to sleep.
    [Tommy goes to sleep but...
  • Rugrats