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WMAR Channel 2, Let's All Be There Promo (1984)
This clip from late 1984 was WMAR-TV's version.
WMAR ABC 2 News Works For You - Weather Promo (2013)
This video clip of this promo from September of 2013, was on WMAR-TV's ABC 2 News' Maryland's Most Accurate Weather team.
WMAR ABC 2 News Works For You Image Promo (2013)
This WMAR-TV's ABC 2 News' Works For You promo did came from September of 2013.
WMAR The Laurel & Hardy Show Promo (1979)
This video promo came from January 1979, for WMAR-TV in Baltimore.
WMAR The Dating Game January Promo (1979)
The WMAR-TV's The Dating Game's Returning promo for January of 1979, when the station in Baltimore was an CBS affiliate television station.
Nintendo 64: Hey You, Pikachu! (2000)
This advert has a talking bull dog. Why they can talk?
Pound Puppies (1993)
from 1993 (with Mara Wilson)
Clairol (1995)
from 1995 (with Debra Messing)
Duracell (1995)
from 1995
WTNH You'll Love It! on Channel 8 (1985)
WTNH-TV's You'll Love It! on Channel 8 promo from late 1985, based on ABC-TV's You'll Love It! promo from late 1985
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