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Cascade (1994)
from 1994
Wal-Mart (1994)
from 1994
Hostess Cupcakes (2000)
from 2000
The New Adventures of Nanoboy Ad (2008)
Scrawl Studios preview of The New Adventures of Nanoboy.
EWTN Ident (1995-1997) (1995)
This was actually used between the mid-1990's
Sanpian Mall Commercial (2000)
Here's a commercial for the Japanese shopping center Sanpian Mall from all the way back in 2002! I really like the jingle...
Meiji MogiMogi Fruits Ad (2000)
This Japanese commercial promotes Meiji candies in the shape of fruits as two girls try to stop a giant from eating them!
Time Warner Cable: Gullah Gullah Island Promo (1998)
From Time Warner Cable's "Imagine What's Next" era, here's an ad for Time Warner Cable promoting the classic Nick Jr. series Gullah Gullah Island.
Hawaiian Punch Typhoon Blasters 2 (1996)
New ad with new flavors.
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