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The Addams Family - Uncle Fester's Quest (1989)
From Sunsoft. And this got reviewed by the Angry Video Game Nerd.
Gracie Films - With lyrics (2014)
Taken from "The Simpsons Guy". With Peter Griffin singing the Gracie Films jingle. "And now the show is over now!"
Disney Channel Express Yourself: Volunteering (2004)
All the Disney Channel stars talking about Volunteering.
Kim Possible Greatest Hits on Disney Channel. (2004)
All of the Greatest Hits of Kim Possible on Disney Channel.
Disney Channel Express Yourself: Keeping Friends (2005)
All the Disney Channel Stars talking about Keeping Friends.
Disney Channel Bumper: Christy Carlson Romano (2003)
You're watching Disney Channel: Christy Carlson Romano from Kim Possible and Even Stevens.
Be Cool About Fire Safety (1996)
Starring Gilbert Gottfried as Seymour the Smoke Detector.
L'eggs Sheer Energy Pantyhose (1984)
This ad parodies a soap opera. How would this woman possibly walk to Zanzibar? Credit goes to it's poster on YouTube.
Lean Strips (1982)
An ad for some imitation bacon product. Originally posted to YouTube by 'MicroJow'.
Duration nasal spray (1980)
An ad for a long-lasting nasal spray. That stuff's addicting. Originally posted to YouTube by 'MicroJow'
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