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Meiji MogiMogi Fruits Ad (2002)
This Japanese commercial promotes Meiji candies in the shape of fruits as two girls try to stop a giant from eating them!
Time Warner Cable: Gullah Gullah Island Promo (1998)
From Time Warner Cable's "Imagine What's Next" era, here's an ad for Time Warner Cable promoting the classic Nick Jr. series Gullah Gullah Island.
Hawaiian Punch Typhoon Blasters 2 (1996)
New ad with new flavors.
Crest Sparklemania - Orange and Fruit Punch (1991)
Same ad only with new flavors.
Hedz (1998)
Strange commercial for a strange game.
Crest Sparklemania (1990)
Oh how I wish commercials were this creative again.
Crest Sparkle for Kids (1988)
Man I remember these guys like it was yesterday.
Eagle BBQ (1989)
from 1989
ITV Christmas Line-Up Promo 1984 (1984)
This was about the ITV Christmas Line-Up video promo for Late December of 1984
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