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McDonalds-First Job, Second Family (2014)
Co-workers can become like family if you get close with them.
The Lexus CT Hybrid (2014)
The car goes pretty fast in this ad.
Jerry Taft For ABC Chicago's Accu-Weather (2014)
Taft talks about his military service in this promo.
J.C Penney-When It Fits, You Feel It (2014)
Women's clothing is once more the focus in this ad.
J.C Penney-The Beauty Of The Perfect Fit (2014)
Women's clothing is promoted in this ad.
J.C Penney-The Unwritten Vow (2014)
That vow is making sure your man doesn't leave the house in pajamas.
J.C Penney Home Collections (2014)
Different ways to decorate your home...
H.H Gregg-Driving Instructor (2014)
The actor playing the driving instructor in this ad looks familiar.
G-U-M Tooth Products (2014)
Several different ways to get clean in between your teeth...
Dunkin' Donuts Eggs Benedict Sandwich (2014)
One of their newer sandwiches...
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  • Sgt. Garrison: You've always been this alert, Shaughnessy?
    Shaughnessy: Always on my toes!
    Sgt. Garrison: Well, get off 'em. You're a cop, not a ballet dancer.
    -Sgt. Garrison and Shaughnessy
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