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Michelin (1987)
from 1987
Delta Airlines (1986)
from 1986
Y la Luna También Novela on Telemundo in Amoroso (1987)
Taken from Venezuelan Telenovela.
WNJU-TV Informador 47 Promo in La Mejor y la Más (1987)
Taken from 1987 NYC spanish news with Eusebio Valls and Jorge L. Ramos.
WNJU-TV 3 Telenovelas Sept. and Claudia Morán Oct. (1987)
With Alejandra, Preciosa and Y la Luna También September & Claudia Morán October.
Vincent Price's Halloween Thriller will return (1984)
Taken from 1984 Miniseries.
Two Minute Warning Movie Promo on KPDX (1984)
Taken from 1976 Movie.
The Furniture Market Needs You! (1989)
Janet Jackson's Control
Telemundo Super Sabados Sat., 3 Series & Cine Sun. (1987)
With Super Sabados Saturdays & with Domingos Alegres, La Odisea de Cousteau, Charytin and Cinemundo Sundays.
Quote O' Matic
  • Alan Parrish: Do you know what happened to this shoe factory?
    Bum: Yeah, it folded up, like everything else in this town. It's pretty cold out there. How about some coffee?
    Alan Parrish: Why would they close Parrish Shoes?
    Bum: Well, when his kid ran away, Sam put everything he had to find him...
  • Jumanji