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Phillips Petroleum (1980)
"Good things for cars...And the people who drive them".
The Pentax Super Camera (1980)
I wonder whatever happened to Pentax.
Boxing On NBC Sportsworld In 1980 (1980)
Just a quick promo for an event...
Nationwide Insurance In Florida (1980)
A national ad with Florida agents listed at the end...
Marcia Wallace For The Crippled Children's Society (1980)
This PSA is clipped at the end.
Weekends Were Made For Michelob (1980)
The joking will probably get more vicious after a few rounds.
Mekca Speakers At Florida Stereo (1980)
Another company that I don't know if it's still around or not...
The Marcus Jewelers Million Dollar Gem Sale (1980)
I wonder if a million dollars was indeed sold.
Jensen Speakers At World Of Sound (1980)
Is Jensen still around?
The Jefferson Sunshine Sale (1980)
This clothing ad is followed by a WPTV news promo with Deborah Caldwell.
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