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Standard Brands Warehouse Emergency Sale (1987)
This ad promotes a sale on electronics.
S&H Green Stamps (1987)
This ad promotes a shopping concept that began in the 30s.
Sky Commanders (1987)
More toys I don't know much about...
Sunkist Fun Fruits-Dinosaurs (1987)
This ad promotes a then-popular line of fruit snacks.
"Silver Spoons" On WDZL (1987)
This ad promotes a syndicated airing of the show.
Silverhawks Toys (1987)
I don't know much about this line.
Reynolds Wraps (1987)
This ad promotes both the regular and plastic variants.
Pernell Roberts For Ecotrin (1987)
The actor who played "Trapper John, M.D" on the spin-off show promotes this medicine over Bayer.
Bumper Cars From Parker Brothers (1987)
The game seems reminiscent of Sorry.
Ocean Cadillac At Miami Beach (1987)
Spokesman Jack Bradford talks about deals on 1988 models.
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