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"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" On WPTV (1980)
This ad promotes reruns of the CBS show on this NBC affiliate.
Bob Alan On WPTV (1980)
This ad promotes a weather program with the WPTV anchor.
The Volkswagen Jetta (1980)
"Volkswagen does it...Again".
A 1980 United Way PSA (1980)
It's "your way to help".
Ultra Brite Toothpaste: Cindy And Alex (1980)
This ad is clipped at the end.
Tire Kingdom-The Good Old Days (1980)
This ad has old silent film footage.
Tampax Plus (1980)
This ad is followed by a brief SCTV promo.
Sunkist Soda-Good Vibrations (1980)
I would probably just drink regular orange juice.
Schlitz-The Bike Race (1980)
Don't drink and drive. Don't drink and bike, either.
Ruud Air Conditioning (1980)
"Ruud IS air conditioning".
Quote O' Matic
  • Slater: I was just helping out a fellow teammate.
    Jessie: When was the last time you held Rodreguez like that?
    Slater: Why would I want a girl like Kristy when I can have a nutcase like you?
    Jessie: Don't flatter yourself. (As Slater leaves) Men.
    Slater: Chicks.
  • Saved by the Bell