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The Buick Park Avenue Ultra (1990)
This ad came from the early 90s.
The Buick Century (1980)
"Technology that makes you feel good inside..."
The Buick Electra Ad 2 (1980)
There's also an ABC I.D from 1984 in here as well.
The Buick Electra (1980)
This ad came from 1984.
The Buick Regal (1980)
It's all about the aerodynamics...
The Buick Regal Summerset 2 (1980)
For men about town, no matter what they look like...
Magic Johnson For The Buick Skylark (1980)
I unfortunately don't know the name of the person alongside Johnson.
The Buick Riviera (1980)
A graduate of "The Buick School Of Performing Arts"...
The Buick Century Sedan (1980)
Ups and downs with automobiles...
A Brawny Towels Ad (1990)
"Brawny gets to the mess before the mess gets to you".
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