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Robocop - Boys and Girl Club PSA (1980)
Featuring Robocop actor, Peter Weller.
Science and technology it's fun you'll see! (1980)
PSA about the sciences. Pretty odd I remember it considering I was only 4 in 1990. vkimo out.
Captain Skyhawk (1990)
This is the 15 second commercial about Captain Skyhawk video game on NES. Enjoy!
Pop Secret Popcorn (1980)
This ad is set to the Richie Valens classic "La Bamba".
Poppin' Fresh Restaurants (1980)
I wonder if this was related to the popcorn.
Pontiac's Big Value Blow-Out (1980)
This ad compares a Pontiac sale with big events like a concert and a fashion show.
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  • Babs Johnson: Oh my God almighty! SOmeone sent me a bowel movement!
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  • Pink Flamingos