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A 1982 Midol Ad (1980)
"Whenever you need it, Midol has the strength".
A 1982 Michelob Ad (1980)
It's important to keep "one step ahead"...
A 1982 Listermint Ad (1980)
A man dressed as Uncle Sam promotes this product...I'm surprised that he's the only man in this ad.
Kohl's Summer Produce Fair (1980)
The eggs look good...The breakfast platter they're on looks good. Boy, am I hungry...
Oleg Cassini Fragrances (1980)
This ad with some gorgeous people promotes Jovan's selling of Cassini's fragrances.
The Honda MB5 (1980)
598 dollars? Interesting figure.
Sealy Mattresses At Gimbels' (1980)
This ad came from 1982.
The Fuzzbuster III (1980)
A device looking out for radar signals? Seems a little tin-foil hat like to me. There's also a still making mention of the Milwaukee Urban Garden Prog
The Dodge Charger 2.2...Take 2 (1980)
This is my second attempt to upload this 1982 ad.
2 Milwaukee Auto Ads (1980)
This ad makes mention of Bonanza Grand Prix and Foster Pontiac. It's followed by a still promo for "The Match Game" and a bumper for "The Best Of SCTV
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