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Bill Cosby For Ford (1970)
This ad has Cosby talking about one of Ford's testing procedures.
1978 ABC Promos (1970)
This compilation promotes a Monday night line-up of the movie "The Adventures Of The Wilderness Family" and "Fantasy Island", and a Tuesday night line
A 1978 Gillette Atra Ad (1970)
It's take 2 for this ad.
A 1978 Right Guard Ad (1970)
"Right Guard Roll-On...Don't get dressed without it"...And try not to get creeped out by the guys in your mirror.
A 1978 Ford Ad (1970)
They have ideas...
Another 1978 Colgate Ad (1970)
Lots of people with happy looks in this ad...
Quote O' Matic
  • Oscar: Well, I guess that makes me, Oscar, the millionaire (echoes)
  • Shark Tale