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Pert Shampoo (1984)
from 1984
Disney World (1990)
from 1990
Bubble Yum Wacky Fruit (1984)
from 1984
Pokemon Pasta (2000)
Who's that bite-sized Pokemon?
Aunt Jemima Breakfast Heads (1997)
Waffle head, pancake head, and toast head.
Kool-Aid/Kay-Bee Toys - Wacky Warehouse Mall (1992)
We all love Kool-Aid and we sure do miss Kay-Bee Toys. I used to remember seeing this on NBC Saturday Mornings while watching Disney's Raw Toonage.
An HBO ID (1993)
From 1993 and includes an "In Stereo" bumper
Cheese Nips (2002)
from 2002
Talkboy Deluxe (1992)
The original 1992 ad for the product.
Alka-Seltzer (1984)
from 1984
Quote O' Matic
  • Mr. Wormwood and Matilda: Mr. Wormwood: "A book? What do ya wanna book for?"
    Matida: "To read."
    Mr. Wormwood: "To read? Why would you wanna read when you've got the television set sittin' right in front of ya?"
    -Mr. Wormwood and Matilda
  • Matilda