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Cadenas de Amor Novela Culminando on Telemundo (1987)
Taken from Puerto Rican Telenovela.
B&L Furniture Final Days! (1988)
Network Music's Energy II
Alejandra Telenovela on WNJU-TV in Dos Hermanos (1987)
Taken from Puerto Rican Telenovela.
Carly Simon for 102 WPIX (1984)
Taken from 1984.
Forever Freestyle (2007)
Taken from 2007 freestyle music.
Jim Perry for Morton Lite Salt (1974)
Taken from 1974 with former late Card Sharks and Sale of the Century host.
Peter Tomarken for Chevrolet Chevette (1979)
Taken from 1979 with former late Press Your Luck host.
Michael Carrington Bell Atlantic Guardian Service (1991)
Taken from 1991 with Ain't That a Shame song like Fats Domino and former Think Fast! host.
WTBS Promo-Braves Vs. Padres 2 (1986)
This ad has a jingle about "Super Sports On The Superstation".
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