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Sands' Chevrolet Yugo (1987)
This ad promotes an Arizona car dealer's sale.
1986 GI Joe VHS Commercial (1986)
GI Joe commercial for these episodes: Countdown for Zartan, Cobra's Creatures, Red Rocket's Glare and Cobra Stops the world.
Exclusive Music Videos On MTV (1987)
Curiously, this ad aired during an episode of "Friday Night Videos".
Mars Bar-Climbing (1987)
Not every ad is what it seems.
Lay's Made In The Shade Contest (1987)
I would probably choose the trip to Tahiti.
Miller Lite-Jumpin' Joe Piscopo (1987)
This ad has been posted before. Here it is without watermarks.
Fashion Gal (1987)
This ad promotes an Arizona clothing store.
Brut Cologne In 1987 (1987)
A woman dresses in her boyfriend's clothes while waiting for his call.
Dewey Stevens Wine Coolers In 1987 (1987)
"1/3rd less calories, 2/3rds more fun"...
Bartles And Jaymes-Airplane (1987)
This ad aired in anticipation of the 4th Of July weekend in 1987.
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